Hi All,

In an effort to keep in touch and the changes in the works for Kara and I, we wanted to try to send out semi regular emails.  This is the first of, hopefully, many.

With the base realignment and closer (BRAC) deadline closing in, Kara’s job is moving to Kirtland AFB, NM.  That means this is our last weekend in NH for a while.  We are “temporarily relocating” to NM, prefer not to say moving.  We are keeping the house and leaving a vehicle as well.  This is exciting and a bit disappointing.  Neither Kara or I have ever really visited the southwest and we look forward to seeing many of the sites:  grand canyon, yosemite, pikes peak, old pueblos etc.

There is no fixed time before we are able to return to our home in NH.  We just need one of several events to occur and we will return.  1) The people Kara works for let her work from home again much as she has for the last 5 years.  2) Kara transfers to the gov facility in Hanover NH.  3) The job security concerns of being a contractor are alleviated.

I hope to find employment either as a contractor / consultant or full time.  There are some likely sites, one being Sandia National Labs.  If any of you have contacts there, I would greatly appreciate any connection you could provide.

I have to say the gov move was …. hair raising, not that I have a lot of hair anymore.  The gov did not approve Kara’s “orders” to move until just about 2 weeks before the scheduled date.  They did agree to ship the car and fly us out there.  This was interesting, they did not know how to ship our car if it was not going over seas.   We are to fly out Mon May 23.  The movers were supposed to show up May 19.  We had not heard from the movers as of May 16 so we called them.  The movers said the gov had cancelled our move.  An overnight delay then several phone calls later, movers were arranged and did show up and pack our stuff, including the car.

Having spent several weeks “going through our stuff”, we found MUCH we could get rid of.  Wish we had made such efforts long ago.We did leave a bit of furniture in the house, we have a young couple that is going to watch and take care of the house for us.  So our last weekend here does have a few amenities and some very nice weather.Our contact info follows:Phone (google voice, follows us wherever we are)330-353-9009This is a different number than our home phone (but close so don’t let it confuse you).  That should be the only number you need from now on to call us.



Mailing address  (we do not know our street address as yet and will likely just continue to use the PO box)

PO Box 5422
Albuquerque NM  87185

We will be living on base.  Need to keep the guys with the guns and the fence between us and the crime zone which is Albuquerque.

Please keep in touch.


Kara and David Perry

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