Hi All,

First let me explain, if these emails / newsletters seem a bit impersonal, that’s because they are sent out to a bunch of people via a bcc.  We are happy to reply to an email with something a bit more personal!

About 8 days ago the moving van showed up in town with our stuff.  Hence we were able to get our car and have been driving it for over a week now.  I spent some time looking for ways to apply for jobs here on base as well as the preparations for moving into the apt this coming Fri.  Things like finding out what kind of internet connection we could get etc.  Not a lot of choice there.  We did explore town a bit.  Found some pretty good places to eat and shopped for some furniture (we need a couch).  Last weekend, we drove east around the fist set of mountains and took the road up to the top, its about 11k feet up.  Interesting place.  Views were so so, it has been quite hazy here for almost 2 weeks.  They blame anything from the lack of rain and hence dust (is that new?) to the brush fires outside town which leaves a o so pleasant coating of ash on the car.  While on the mountain, we did hike around, thin air did slow us a bit.  ABQ being over a mile high was noticeable at first but both Kara and I seem to have adapted.  The dry here is still brutal.  In our driving around, we have taken notice of what people do for landscaping here in the massive grave pit that is ABQ.  They seem to have a rather maintenance free type yards, it might go something like …. have a load of gravel dumped in the yard, spread it out, plant a few twigs that can tolerate ceramic oven type environments and your done (very little weeding would be needed!).  Oh, I also checked into the “Outdoor Rec center” they have here on base.  They organize things like hikes, whitewater rafting, a wine tour, biking trips etc.  Sounds like a bunch of fun, we plan to take advantage of that group. There was supposed to be a base wide yard sale yesterday which never materialized.  I am going with the paper printed the wrong date and are hoping it is next weekend.  We thought it might be a good place to shop for a few more things to furnish the apt, end table, lamp etc as well as maybe a used bike for me.

This week (Fri) we should be in the apt.  The Inn here on base has been ok and dirt cheap.  The internet in the room has been surprisingly good!  But no kitchen in the room so every meal is out somewhere.  Once we have the apt and our stuff is delivered, we can also get into some other activities, roller blading, tennis, etc when we have our equipment.

Along with the move in this week, Kara has to “justify” the purchase of a computer.  The guy that is in charge of the money blessed it, Kara found an IT guy to support it but purchasing does not seem to want to buy the thing, hence the added battle.  I have about 3 places on base to go talk to about jobs.  Anywhere from mowing the lawns on the golf course to the National Nuclear Safety Center.  There are a bunch of groups on the base that do technical type work, we just need to find the right someone to help!

I need to correct our mailing address a bit, the town is not the AFB.  So it should be:

Kara or David Perry
PO Box 5422
Albuquerque, NM 87185-5422

It is really hard to type NM and not NH for some reason 🙂

We did take some pictures while on top of Mt Sandia,  I will work on getting those up loaded to the travel log website we used in the past and let you know how to find them in case you are interested.  Other technology note:  I have been using google maps which lets you create your own map, i.e. placing your own little pins for locations.  This has been quite useful in getting to know the town.  I search for some kind of place we want to go, pin it on our map, load the map into the iPad and bring it with us!  Very nice.

That’s about it for now.

Hope to hear from each and every one of you,

Kara and David

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