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A few note worthy events have come and gone for us.  While not all the moving boxes are empty, the kitchen is unpacked!!  There are not many boxes left and I suspect a few of those around still may linger for a while.  Most other things are hooked up and working:  washer, dryer, TV etc.  We are still shopping for LR furniture and waiting for our desired microwave to go on sale.  We bought a bike so each of us has one now and have hit the street a couple times already.

Last weekend we had dinner with 3 other people, 2 which work with Kara and a spouse.  The couple have been here in town for a year.  The other, Jay just got into town last week.  Jay has an interesting moving ordeal.  The moving van bringing everything he owned caught on fire and totally burned up.  He drove so did have a very few things with him but otherwise he gets to start from scratch.   I guess they are paying him per pound for his stuff.  He is sorry now he did not more heavy things!  Some things are just things but others like pictures are gone forever (one reason to let some strange company have digital copies of your stuff in the cloud).  So he is on a shopping spree including having just bought a new car before leaving.  I told Kara if they have a Christmas gift exchange this year to get him a Staples easy button and relabel it to “reset” in his case!

The “gentleman” mentioned in the past that is Kara supervisor has tenatively been giving a promotion in a different group.  Such good news for Kara.  Though, one has to be careful of the future.  While he is in a different group it is not a different organization.  Whom will replace him is obvious if the guy will accept.  Else, it is completely unknown.  I suggested Kara and several others try to talk the likely replacement into taking the job, sounds like he is a decent guy.

Quick comments:

No rain for over a month.  Fires everywhere.  There are some plans for a gathering over the 4th.  Still job searching.  Might have a small consulting job.  Apple TV jailbreak working well.  Over the air TV works well here, some in HD.  Wondering if there will be NFL football this fall.  No neighbors in adjacent unit (used for storage) a very good thing.   Still sofa shopping.  Heard we had a tree blow down behind the house in NH.

That’s all for now,

David and Kara

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