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So out of habit I often go out in the afternoon to get the mail.  The mailboxes for the whole street, which is a cul-da-sac by the way, is just 2 units down.  One day recently when it was decent out, I decided to walk down the white concrete sidewalk in my bare feet.  For those of you who already see where this is going, come on now, I’m from Mich. we don’t worry about such situations unless it is BLACK pavement.  Needless to say white pavement gets quite hot here unlike most places I have lived.  I shall not do that again!

We continue to get a bit of rain for a few minutes every couple of days.  By definition here that is a monsoon.  They should live in FL for a bit before they call it a monsoon.  Anyway this rain recently caused a first for me, I actually had to use the windshield wipers here!!

This last weekend Kara and I drove up to Colorado Springs, CO.  It was about a 6.5 hour drive from ABQ.  We had expected much of the drive to be scenic, it was not. It was very nice to get away from ABQ.  It was very nice to see something green again!  We had a very good time visiting with Doug (College friend) and Barb.  Bard organizes a yearly reunion for a group of old army air core veterans.  They have it in varying places around the country, this year was CO.  We drove up on Fri and back on Sun taking a different route back, hoping for more scenery, which again did not happen but for one short stint.  Over the weekend in CO, we took Sat morn to drive up to the top of Pike’s Peak.  It was a first for Kara, I had been there once.  The weather was quite nice, 78 at the bottom, 50 or so at the top.  Great views.  Few hair raising stretches where there was no guard rail and nothing to be seen but lots of DOWN!  We took lots of pictures, some with a digital camera, some with our old 35 mm.  I know I have been promising to put the pictures up on the web so those interested can peruse them.  I am working on it but it is not ready and with the new cache of pictures I am a bit further behind at the moment.  We did get out and hike around a bit but even for us having been in ABQ for a couple months the thin air at the top was a challenge (14k at Pikes Peak, 5.28k in ABQ).  Though it was quite crowded on Sat, we drove through a part of Co Springs called “Garden of the Gods”. Rocks with very odd eroded formations.  Co Springs is a lot bigger than I expected.  Someone said 500,000 people.

The mid to high 90s here are relentless.  The news this morning said the following about rain.  Normal 5.2″, Actual 0.7″.  That certainly is local, our apt has gotten a bit more than 0.7″.

I have updated our trip site.  It has many pictures so be prepared.


Remember, click on the tabs in the middle of the page to see different events, some have pictures which you can also click on for larger versions of same.

Let us know how you all (or yall if you live in the south) are doing!

Short comments:

Fri for Kara’s co-workers is go out to lunch day.  We’ll see where they go today.  We missed the last two.  Not much planned for the weekend, maybe tennis or hiking now that Sandia Mtn is open again.  Still shopping for a very used vehicle.  Kara baked banana bread the previous weekend.  It did not turn out so well, different oven and altitude made the baking time WAY off.  Very over done bread.  Rainer cherries seem very common out here, to our liking.  They were hard to get in NH.  For the most part I am done with the consulting job I had, creating a CMS web site.  There may be a few follow up things to do but that is likely it.  Nothing on the real employment front here.  Applied for a few more jobs on USAJOBS but no word so far.

Have a nice weekend!


Kara and David

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