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So the weather has changed a bit here.   We have gotten rain 3 out of the last 7 days.  What hat means is at some point during the day it rained hard for about 5 min.  The rest of the day is rather hot and now humid.  The result is other than everything NOT on fire anymore are swamp coolers are next to useless.  A bit of background.  A device which used to be quite prevalent here called a swamp cooler is nothing more and a water evaporator.  It has a sheet in it which has water dripping through it and a large fan blowing lots of air through said sheet.  When the humidity is in the single digits, physics dictates you can get up to 30 degrees cooler air.  However, in July and Aug which is apparently “monsoon season” the humidity seems to often be 30-50%.  Yes, yes, that is nothing like Florida or the like.  However, those other locations almost exclusively use AC not swamp coolers.  Anyway, my long rant (complaining) is that in the afternoon with some humidity here the apt often is 85 deg inside or higher.  We could use the portable AC units we brought along but you can use both AC and swamp cooler at the same time.  Remember the swamp cooler moves LARGE amounts of air to get that evaporation.  If you want to blow air into a house you have to let it out as well.  So just about every room in the house has a window open 4″-6″ all the time.

It is official, there are NO boxes in the living room!!  We have a used sofa.  Finally convinced Sears to sell us a microwave.  We tried to order one 3 times online, finally have one.  We also had purchased a small charcoal grill.  That is quite a switch from gas grills.  Takes some planning ahead!  I like the added flavor, Kara is not a fan.

In an effort to avoid the blistering heat but do something outside the apt, we have gone bowling a few times on base.  It is dirt cheap.  I heard our near term future plans include going to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  NO spoilers please, though Kara did read the book.

We have off and on passed through “the lemon lot” here on base.  It’s nothing more than a parking lot where people sell used cars.  You just have to put a sign in the window for the most part.  We have had our eye on a couple of vehicles that have come and gone.  The car is getting a bit creaky for some reason.  Need to have it looked at but with it being the only car that is tough.  So we are looking for a very used second vehicle.

Haven grown up in Mich., Fri fish fries were the norm.  In most other regions of the country, they are not nearly so prevalent.  We managed to find a place here that has regular Fri fish fries.  Good not great.  Turns out the place which is right outside one of the base gates is gaining our loyalty.  They are always nice, decent breakfast and interesting specials.  The food (not atmosphere) is somewhat Fairlee diner like if you ever had the pleasure when visiting us.

I could fill emails with Gov. anecdotes.  Some of you have been there yourself.  While passing along some selective tales, I will resist the temptation to let such stories fill these newsletters.  Here’s one of the latest:  When Kara was hired, she was told she would be a “direct hire” non-aquisitions.  Her previous boss, the one we so commented on in the past, failed to tell her she was an acquisitions employee.  It is not yet clear what that means other than being required to take a bunch of (omitting derogatory adverb) training.  The clincher is some of that trainer was supposed to be completed in the first six months.  She was hired in Jan.  Was just informed of the acquisitions fact in June.  I suspect you can do the math.  One of the required classes is offered here on base in Aug., only once a year and is over booked by 13.  Upside, as it turns out though, this may result in a trip for her.  She may go to the training class at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton OH.

Quick comments:  The guy that lost everything to a moving truck fire has been shopping and now has most “things” you would expect.  The temp boss is still temp, lobbying continues to try to convince him to accept it as permanent.  Kara’s work computer order is still in limbo 5 weeks later.  At first they did not know how to order it, now paper work is just on one guys desk, stranded.  I have been deemed qualified but passed over for a few jobs here on base, mostly because I am a while male (non veteran).  Our CO trip is in 1.5 weeks.  Been watching a lot of Netflix and trying out paid Hulu for TV.   Have done a bit of work on the aforementioned consulting job.  It looks like there will be a short contract come out of it.


Kara and David

PS For all you mac users out there, a couple people have asked about installing anti-virus software..  The safest thing you do for you mac is NOT install such software.  Also, if you use Safari, go into preferences, “General” tab, at the bottom UNcheck “open safe files”.  Otherwise continue to enjoy your Macintosh virus free environment.

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