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It has been a very slow news period here, hence the long duration since the last update.

The most exciting news is we have a sofa.  Last weekend we bought a used one.  Sort of a sectional, 2 pieces.  Recall we only have the car with us so moving the sofa required the use of someone else’s truck.  We worked out the deal to buy the sofa with the people and were going to pick it up on Sat.  They were moving Mon.  We reserved a U-Haul truck for Sat morn.  We showed up to get the truck and they said “huh?”.  Long story short, they did not have a truck nor did any of the other 4 U-Hauls in ABQ.  Must have been mandated moving day in ABQ.  We managed to fine ONE U-Haul open on Sun and did indeed move the sofa.

Hold on to your hats, we’ve been here for 8 weeks now and we FINALLY saw rain.  All of 5 min worth.  Contrary to what you might have heard, the desert does NOT bloom when it rains.  Maybe it has to rain more.  The weather has been unpleasant still but at least not in the 100s, mid 90s has been the norm.  It does not any longer cool off at night much at all.  I did splurge and bought a pair of polarized sunglasses (pricey) but since we are far south AND over a mile high the sun is a killer on the eyes.

The fires no longer dominate the news here.  There are a few going still but mostly contained.  Many of the outdoor areas are still closed though due to fire threat. Hence, there is no where near by that we can hike ( that is in any way scenic).

Little new at work for Kara.  Still just a temporary boss, though she is trying to work him into taking the job.  We have gone to a couple “lets get together” events.  Getting to know a few people.

Not done a whole lot for fun, weather is inhibiting.  Bowled a couple times.  Played pool.  They do have a gym on base, my try that this weekend.  Shoot hops or something.  Might try out the batting cage on base too.

I have been working on a consulting job a bit over the last week or so.  Looks like I might get the job, it’s a small one but better than nothing.  Thanks to Paul C for the connection on this one.  Working on a content management system for their web presence (fancy web site) along with analyzing the hosting company they are using.   More as this evolves.  I did also apply for several jobs via the gov. site USAJobs.  I was deemed quailified (well yeah) but not referred because I am a white male (no preference).  I will have to keep pestering them.

I think it is safe to say we are now unpacked.  There are no boxes in the LR or BR.  A couple in the garage but they may stay that way for a while.  We might build some shelves in the garage.  Trying to decide about getting a MacMini for the TV in the LR.  The local channels over the air got old quickly!  We have found most of what we want to see online somewhere.  Trying out HuluPlus for a month.  We’ll see how it goes.

Upcoming travel for us:

Still working on plans for Jackson WY in Sept.  Trip to meet Doug (college friend) in CO early Aug.  One more trip in the works for Kara but not sure when yet and then she has the usual conf in SF in Dec.

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