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I was remiss last TWO newsletters not including a fortune cookie.  The distressing part is that no one called that out, I could take that as no one really missed it.  I shall presume otherwise and with that ….

Fortune cookie say;  Man who eat photo of father likely to be spitting image

Hope all is going well for you.  Things are good here in VA for Kara and I.  Kara is now a group lead, taking names, kicking a**.  My job is going well.  I am a lead for one of the focus / business areas within our group but more importantly I will be moving from a cube to an office (got you have your priorities!). Exciting for us, likely not worthy of further wording here.  As usual, you can find the previous 14 newsletters at http://www.thespacedr.com

There were a couple headlines in the NH paper recently:

“Perry rallies to win U.S. Senior Open”  While I have been playing golf more of late, that was not me.

“Va. police arrest NH woman wanted in Hooksett gun theft”;  Kara did not liberate a gun from Hooksett.

In the spirit of money burning a hole in our pocket, we recent bought a newer car.  While we did still have two vehicles, both were over 10 years old and one still in NH at the house ( Gene, friend in NH, tends to the truck and house for us).  So we essentially only had one car to drive around in VA and it was aging.  We shopped for a couple of months, sitting in MANY from Mazada’s to Buicks to an Infinity (just for comparison), picking colors etc.  At one point just before a sitting, Kara made the statement she was afraid she was going to be disappointed by the Infinity which we were about to try.  I pointed out she was expecting to be disappointed in a $50k car!  I thought that did not bode well for our future car cost.  When we narrowed it down slightly we had a hard time finding the used vehicle in the color we wanted.  Finally, Kara decided to see if what we wanted was for sale ANYWHERE in the country.  She found one, in NJ.  Coincidence, 4 days subsequent to that I was going to NJ for work.  Kara rode along bought our dream vehicle and headed back to VA without me.  None of the process went smoothly but it is all taken care of now.

You likely have heard about the gov and furloughs, the semi famous version was the air traffic controllers.  I think you might recognize the following as a typical gov flavored story.  In March, Kara and I were told that the DoD (and Navy whom Kara and I work for) would issue furloughs for the end of April through the end of the fiscal year (Sept).  Furlough = an unpaid day off.  A consequence of that news was we held off on our spring pilgramage to NH.  We figured if they are going to make us take days off, we might was well have the trip utilize those furlough days.  Come the end of April, we had heard at least 3 different “official” statements “furloughs were off”, “furloughs were on”, I suspect you see the pattern here.  Finally, we were fed up enough we decided to schedule our trip to NH and just go.  It was time for teeth and eye ball check ups anyway.  

The trip home (to NH) in May was very nice and good therapy (as Jim from NH calls it for me).  I got to run the chainsaw, cut down a few trees, plant some grass seed etc.  I know, I know not what most think of as an ideal “vacation”.  We very much enjoy going back to the house in NH, visiting the friends there, chasing deer out of the yard, tending to the blueberry bushes and just enjoying the wonderful views of the mountains and pond from our house.  Boy I sound old!

One more story about my getting a  clearance.  Last May when we visited NH, we stopped into a hair salon, the owner of which (Nicole) we had known for some time and I had listed as “having worked with” on my application, I used to help out with her computers in the past.  During the investigation into my background, they ( the gov ) did visit many of those I listed, Nicole being one.  Let me try to help you picture the event that unfolded. Nicole, the owner, usually is in her office or tending a customer and NOT at the front desk / reception.  The front desk is “manned” by, usually, a younger person/girl.  So one day, an investigator shows up at the front desk, shows their badge and says he/she wants to talk to Nicole which of course caused quite a fluster at the salon.  Nicole later explained but it was not a usual event for the salon.

Recently, (in Aug) it was so nice out Kara and I decided to play disc golf after work.  We had played a few holes, we’re learning to battle the wind throwing the discs and things were going well. We got to a hole for which the tee to hole was directed at the road, though the road is some distance past the hole.  Recall I said it was windy this day.  I did notice an elderly couple was out at the road apparently on a walk but thought little of them.  That is thought little of the walkers until after I had let one rip and the disc was flying very well … too well.  I had never thrown a disc that far before, over 100 yards.  I saw how far the disc was going and surmised WHERE it was going … it was gonna be close.  I yelled “fore”.  The distance being great enough, they did not hear or pay attention.  Several thoughts ran through my head, the first of which was, the house just across the street was that of the base captain and I thought maybe this couple had come from that house.  Keep in mind this is the navy and a captain is just short of an Admiral.  I’m thinking great, I am about to decapitate the base Captain’s wife.  As it turned out the disc landed a mere couple feet from them.  They certainly noticed the disc, picked it up looked around and likely due to the distance still did not consider it was mine and tossed it back into the grass.  We eventually walked up to them, apologized followed by him asking questions about the sport and the discs. Luckily they were not upset.  I did not dare ask who he really was!  I did not want to have to reciprecate and tell who i was!

Upcoming:  some travel for both of us both work and non-work.  Further residential hunting efforts.  Planning a 20 year wedding anniversary celebration with the group of college friends (Sterling will also have a 20 yr and Pam a 15 yr).

As you know, we love to take photos of landscapes.  We have taken some really beautiful pictures of waterfalls, scenery and mountains around the US and even in a couple other countries.  Dave usually picks a picture for each newsletter and tells the story of where we took it.  I thought this time I would pick one out.  The attached picture is not from one of the many places we have visited, but a picture Dave took at our house in NH while I was working in Boston.  This picture is of some of the flowers in our backyard.  Since I was in Boston most of the time, I frequently missed the flowers blooming.  So he sent me a picture of them.  If you stare at it long enough, you’ll even think you can smell them.  I used the photo as my computer desktop picture while in Boston and even continued to use it while in NM.  It always made me think of home and always made me smile.  While it’s no longer my computer desktop at home, I frequently look at the picture, think of our house in NH and smile.

Friends are indispensable, keep in touch!!


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