We’ll start with the recurring Fortune Cookie which say … Man should not make snow angles in dog park!​

It has been a really long time since we’ve sent an update to everyone.  For awhile we had nothing to report and Dave had run out of entertaining stories. Things were going well, and no news was good news.  But many things have been uprooted and changed over the last 6 months.

First, the bittersweet news – we sold our house in NH in June, 2019.  We decided that since we really didn’t have the time to visit there much anymore and the house was just sitting empty (which is not good for a house), that it would be best to sell it.  We did however keep most of the land.  So we sold the house with only 6 acres and kept over 50 acres.  We have no idea where we plan to retire now, but we do have the option to go back to NH and build another house, in an even better spot on the ridge of the mountain with an even better view.  It certainly was NOT hassle free but it’s done.

About a year ago, part of Dave’s job evolved and with that change, he started traveling a lot more.  He was doing this new job part of his time, filling the rest with what he had been doing for the past 6 years.  His bosses were not thrilled with this, despite the fact that it was a career advancement.  Because of this and the stress of Kara’s job, we decided to investigate the possibility of Dave doing this new job full time, but from a different Navy base.  One of the new people Dave was working with works at the Navy base in Crane, IN so we started discussion with someone at Crane about transferring.  (Yes, there is a Navy base in the middle of the country, near no large body of water!)   After some negotiating, we both accepted jobs and started work at Crane on September 3, 2019.  In August, we packed up all our belongings in a 15′ U-Haul and drove to Indiana.  It was a strange feeling of being completely homeless – no house in NH, no rental house in VA, no rental yet in IN – for 3 days.  We decided to rent initially and take some time to learn the area before buying a house.  So, to save money for said future house, we rented an 800 sq ft duplex.  It is very small!  But, since we got rid of many of our belongings, we somehow fit.  We have since enacted a “no visitors” clause until we get a bigger place.  There are two small bedrooms, but one of them is filled with boxes that are currently still packed.  I’m sure many of you will not be surprised that we have an app that contains all our belongings (well most), along with which box the item resides in.

There are, of course, positives and negatives to moving.  Over the last two years in VA, we had finally made a lot of friends and had a lot of activities that we did with those friends.  We sorely miss this in IN.  There were many positives to living on base – very short commute, quiet place to ride bikes on the weekends, very safe, the house we lived in was in a quiet part of the base and it was a nice old house with a large screened in porch and remodeled kitchen. Additionally, we lived across the street from the movie theater and almost every weekend, Kara would go to a $5 movie.

Here in IN though, we are only 2 hours from our college friends (hi Doug & Barb!) whom we visit at least once a month.  Additionally, Sterling (another college friend and Dave’s best man from eons ago) just recently received a promotion at work and was transferred to Crane as well.  He started here in February.

And, last bit of news – last week we closed on a piece of land and will be building a house over the next year.  See a picture or two below.  (They’re not very exciting since it’s just trees right now.)  I’m sure there will be plenty of (hopefully not horror) building stories to include in our next newsletter.

We couldn’t have an entire newsletter without any funny snipets, so I’ll leave you with a few:

– From Robin (a friend) at Ledo’s pizza on our last day in VA, “I’d like a Vegan pizza, and can you add bacon to that please?”  (She’s allergic to some foods but is carnivorous)

-Kara “It’s disturbing, we’ve been here (in IN) over a week and just realized we don’t have a fry pan.”  (We ate out a bit at first.)

-Our rental in IN is recently refurbished but not high quality.  “It’s not that the floor has a slant, it’s that there’s a small gravity well.”  This is David in response to Kara’s assessment of the new living room floor’s lack of levelness.

– “Chicken should not be served in ring form, its just wrong.”  White Castle has a sign out promoting Chicken Rings. What is that??

– “I can’t even grow virtual plants“  said by Kara regarding a new event within an electronic game.  She has a history of NOT having a green thumb.

– Found on a Soda pop machine (we’re back in the midwest now, it’s “pop”) on base “Ice machine not working, the boiler is down” … Huh?

A few recent pics …

A house we chose not to buy

Kara on our just purchased lot (3 ac)
341 The Woods, Bedford IN 47521

David may have found nirvana


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