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Fortune cookie say:  Man who want pretty nurse must be patient.

~~~~  written early spring ~~~~~~

I know for some of you spring has been in full swing for a while.  Hard to tell what is going on here in ABQ.  The wind has been relentless, days on end for 50 mph.  Along those lines. they are doing some construction here on base, remodeling the BX and such.  This has caused some road closures and hence some temp road signs, you know, the short ones with 3 legs/feet.  Kara notice the first day the construction crew from AL put the signs out with only one bad of sand, the sign tipped over, feet in the air. Day 2 there was a change in the approach, this time with 2 bags of sand but the same result.  Day 3, see where I am going with this?  Yes, one more bag of sand on the feet but same result.  Upon our scientific testing, apparently it takes 4 bags of sand to with stand 50 mph wind.  I know you all will find that very useful in your daily lives.  Kara did find it quite entertaining though, something to watch each day on the way to work.  PS, a couple days later we had wind gusts up to 88 mph (not a record apparently) and once again 4 bags were not enough.

Small miracle; after years of building up airline miles (couple hundred thousand), we were able to cash some in and take a trip. Two of the college friends were meeting in VA and we were able to get a rather last minute free trip using miles.  Now if that streak could only continue, we have enough miles for about 5 more trips.  It was nice to get OUT of ABQ for a couple days.  It was not a weekend full of activities but it was nice to see the friends and we did get to go to the go cart track.  We got yelled at for rubbing too much, isn’t that what go carts are for?  Kara and I also played a few games of air hockey.  She had me on the defensive way too much and kicked my butt.  As usual, the puck did not always stay on the table, we did have a cone of clearance behind each of us while we were playing.  REALLY, it was not our fault, poorly designed lip on the table!

Preface: remember its been over 10 years since Kara was in the Navy.  Recently, they had an all hands type meeting at the ABQ AFRL facility.  The Col in charge of all of AFRL had come to town to talk.  That morning Kara happened to be waking into the building at the same time as the Col.  She said it was all she could do to NOT solute him!

We made a trip back to NH for various reasons.  It was a very nice visit, got to see friends etc.  One headline in the news was “Earliest ever Ice-Out on Lake Winnipesaukee”.  I had a bit of a cold when we headed to NH.  The first leg and a half of the plane ride went ok but the last landing was tough, ear not equalizing etc.  I speculate part of the problem was that the last two places we departed from were a mile high (ABQ and DEN) then landing in BOS was at sea level.  That was not the worst of it though.  As many of you know, the common way to leave Logan airport is via a tunnel, just want I needed, to be BELOW sea level!  All was ok soon though, I had prepared by taking some cold medicine.

~~~~  late spring time ~~~~~~~

Based on the results, anyone else wonder if at the same time N Korea was testing their ICBM, that we were testing our ANIT ICBM capabilities?  🙂

To continue to complain about the environment here, the dry here is BRUTAL.  Neither of us can sleep through the night without sleep disturbing dryness side affects.  We had hoped a year later we would have gotten a bit “used” to the situation.  We are close to renewal time for the apt, we are looking into switching units, maybe getting one with AC.

~~  current  ~~~~

Recently we have had a string of 5 days of 85+ deg with 50 mph winds and single digit percent humidity.  Though I have said it before …. “brutal”.  Ah yes, and May brings back the forrest fires and smoke filled air.

I have a temp job with AFRL for the summer.  Sort of hoping it will turn into a permanent job.  The sort of part comes in because we do NOT want to stay in NM.  Anyway, somewhere in the mountain of paperwork I had to list “emergency contacts”.  One the website, they had a field for a name then a drop down list of choices for “association”.  There was no choice of “spouse”, so now Kara is just my “other”!  As a few of you know, I have been working on submitting paper work for this job including getting a clearance; quite time consuming.

I was in NH for about 3 weeks.  I had cataracts taken care of.  Would like to blame NM for those but likely not the only cause.  It was an interesting process.  Gave me some time to be at home and work on the house and yard a bit.  Very nice to “see” GREEN and RAIN!   Made me miss living there though.  For years we have bragged about the number and variety of critters we see in the yard. Well there is one bird we often hear in the evening with a very musical song.  After hearing it for 10 years, I finally figured out how to search for the bird and determine which one it was, thanks to a suggestion from BJ, a friend in NH.  It turns out the bird is a Hermit Thrush.  It is the state bird of VT.  I was never much of a bird person but this birds song is worth hearing.  Check out


Of course it sounds better standing in our back yard!  🙂

Kara and a couple co-workers went to lunch last week with a summer intern.  The discussion included the fact that there are next to no bugs out here in ABQ.  Kara’s unspoken thought at the time was if the bugs don’t want to live here why would people want to?

No big plans for the holiday weekend.  We did head south a bit and found a nice butcher shop.  This is a grilling kind of weekend after all!


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