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The following covers about the last 1.5 months.

At the risk of discussing weather too much in these newsletters, there were some events that warrant being brought up.  So on the weather topic…  The rain has ceased of late.  They still complain on the news about a shortage of rain here.  Can there be a drought in the desert???  One day recently, the thermometer we have sitting on the window sill outside (in the sun in this case) read 136 deg.  Admittedly the air temp was ONLY about 98 but that is what you get here in ABQ.  But the big weather stories follow.

Some of you dealt with a earthquake, some a hurricane, some both.  The best man from out wedding, Ster, is currently in VA.  He certainly is in the category of getting both.  For him the earthquake was not so bad but he did loss power due to the hurricane for a couple days.   Jim (friend in NH) called us on Sun after the hurricane was mostly over with in NH and told us our house was ok.  It was nice of Jim to call.  His daughter, Kelley, whom is staying in our house said she was on a conference call for the earthquake with people from both VA and some from Boston when the earthquake struck.  She could hear the rumbling from the VA end first then about two min later Boston.  Interesting timing for a conference call!  Hope any of you affected by these events came out ok.

Kara recently had a meeting at Los Alamos National Lab, she went up with several co-workers for part of the day.  I think it is about a 1.5 hour drive.  There is one of her friends from Dartmouth college days, Heather, working at the lab there.  Kara felt bad she was not able to break away from the co-workers and have lunch with Heather. Though, Heather was recently down in ABQ, we met her at the local zoo (come on now!  yes a real zoo with animals, I am not referring to the war zone around ABQ) and spent part of the day with her.  It was very nice to see her again.  Kara also is hosting a visitor at work, so she will be busy most of a week hosting.  Kara also recently got her new computer at work.  While the overall task is not done yet, having the machine on her desk is a big step.  She managed to use all the proper channels to order the first Apple Mac inside AFRL.  Many pass by her desk with admiration for the new machine.  I suspect several co-workers will follow the trail she has blazed, likely with less resistance in their case..

Jobs here are still as plentiful as water is around here.  Now with the Gov. being run in the manor it is, the Air Force has a mandatory hiring freeze.  The base here was really the most likely place for me to find a job.  I will keep looking for consulting jobs, the last I had was completed recently.  The customer seems happy.

Kara had a trip to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton OH for a training class.  She spent the weekend with family in Grand Rapids, though it was about a 6 hour drive which cut into her weekend with family some.  She seems to have really enjoyed her time there.

The following week was our trip to Jackson Hole WY where Kara was attending the final Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling (CISM) all hands meeting.   We visited both Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone.  While Kara and I have seen many scenic places and geologic oddities, this area trumps them all.  We mused what it must be like for city folk to visit this area that have not seen the likes of Upper Peninsula of Mich or the mountains of NH or even Hawaii.

I have updated a web site Kara sometimes uses for work with some of the recent newsletters and links for the travel blogs.  While it is still a work in progress, you can see it at http://thespacedr.com   Though I mentioned it before, make sure to check out our travel web site for the latest pictures from our latest endeavors.

Link specifically for the Jackson Hole trip.


Be prepared, we have put a BUNCH of pictures there.  So have some time set aside to peruse them.

….  Brief “howto” for the mapvivo website travel blog site we use.

http://mapvivo.com/traveler/journeys/Soufle is the link to a page with the list of all our trips.

Above is the link directly to the WY trip.  Once you have clicked on a trip, you should see a page with a “trip description” on the right, a map on the left and numbered tabs in the middle.  If you click on a tab it will take you to a location on the map and show a description for the location along with some thumb nails of pictures, if we have uploaded any, for that location.  Be sure to click on the photos for larger versions of the images.  For these pictures to be done justice, you have to view them as big as you can!

…. end howto

A few comments about the area:  Jackson WY, is bordered on all sides by mountains or the Grand Teton (GT) National Park to the north.  There is a single road from Jackson to GT which continues to the north end of the park where Yellowstone starts.  We spent one night in the ski village, 4 days at Jackson Lodge in GT and then 4 nights in Jackson itself.  The lodge was extremely expensive ($250/night) with very few amenities save views.  Really, there were very few rooms in the lodge, most everyone at the conference, which Kara was attending, staying in cabins.  We spend a couple parts of days seeing GT and almost 3 days in Yellowstone.  We definitely did NOT see everything.  One night, the conference had organized a float trip and dinner.  We took a 2 hour trip down the Snake river on a raft with nice views of the Tetons.  As for Yellowstone, most of of the sites to see appear to be on the northern half of the park.  We spent our time covering the bottom half for the most part.  It was about a 2 hour drive from the room in Jackson to the center of Yellowstone.  There is sort of a loop of road around the middle part of the park.  We drove about half that loop and that is where most of the pictures come from.  The last day we did a loop from Jackson to GT and then west a bit and south along the base of the mountains. We got some postcard worthy pictures along here.

We are back in NM again, where it is the end of Sept and the temps are still in the high 80s.  Who says it cools off here?

Upcoming ….

In early Oct., we are spending our annual weekend with the college friends in Lafayette IN.  Kara hopes to go to the annual conference in SF come Dec but it depends on if the Gov has any money to spend on travel.  We are trying to figure out what we might do for turkey dinner.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Keep in touch!

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